Monday, February 8, 2010

Delta Meadows

On Sunday, S and I took the kayaks down to the town of Locke to paddle Delta Meadows. Normally pretty desolate, a later than usual launch and a group paddle by BASK (Bay Area Sea Kayakers- made for a very busy launch ramp. After waiting for BASK to hit the water, we launched and headed down the slough parallel to the levy to avoid the flotilla of BASKers. Don't get me wrong, they are a great bunch, but we were looking for solitude.

It was overcast for most of the paddle, but the sun felt wonderful when the clouds would allow it to shine through. We ended up snaking through the tules, taking advantage of the flood tide, until they became too thick to navigate. Due to the lack of landing sites, we lunched while rafted up. A short paddle, but a great one at that...

Distance-2.8 miles
Weather-overcast/partly sunny
Food-PB and honey sandwiches, apples, and a white chocolate Clif bar

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