Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let's try this again.../The Road to Western States

Okay, when I last posted I was training to run a 5k. Since then I have run that 5k, four half-marathons, two marathons, and a couple of trail runs (5 mile and half marathon). I am currently training for two separate 50ks and a 50 miler in April. The 50 miler is in order to qualify for the Western States 100. I grew up hunting and camping in the area it is run and heard about it as a young child. I also lived in Auburn, CA for 11 years (where the race ends).  I want to do it. I know it won't be easy. That is the point. It begins now...


  1. Scott - Just got your comment re Golden Gate Trail Run. Congratulations! And I look forward to a race report re AR50. Are you able to train on the course, i.e., run part of your LR on the pavement then switch to the trails?

    Also, do you post on RunningAhead? It's a great running site w/a Trail Running forum and Ultra Runners forum. The Ultra Runners forum has a number of great seasoned ultra runners who are always more than willing to give advice, etc. Check it out!

  2. Thanks Leslie. I really enjoyed the Golden Gate 50K. I have been dealing with some tendonitis and wasn't sure if I was even going to toe the line, but was glad I did. Yes, I do most of my running on the American River Bike trail, so I will definitely be training on my "home course." I will be running Way Too Cool 50K in March about four weeks before AR 50. I will check out RunningAhead, thank you for the information. I will keep you posted...